Mobile Phone Policy

Mobile Phone Policy

The use of mobile phones by any student for any purpose is not permitted on the grounds of St Joseph’s CBS Secondary School unless directed to do so by a teacher. Phones are to be turned off for the duration of the school day including break, lunch and evening supervised study and extra-curricular activities (but may be allowed during extra-curricular at the discretion of the teacher). For medical reasons a student may be allowed to use their phone to support their condition as necessary.

Pupils who disregard this policy and use a mobile phone on the school premises without permission will be required to hand over their phone to a member of staff on request. The confiscated mobile phone will be left with the Deputy Principal for the following duration:

  •  1st occasion: The phone can be collected from the Deputy Principal on the same day at 3:36pm.
  • 2nd occasion: The phone will be held by the Deputy Principal and returned the following day at 3:36pm. Parent/Guardian will be contacted by school management regarding this offence.
  • 3rd and subsequent occasions: The phone may be kept for a longer period of time and must be collected by parent/guardian following an arranged meeting with school management.

Failure to hand over a mobile phone to a teacher when requested will be treated as a serious offence and will be reported to the Principal/Deputy Principal and dealt with under the school’s Code of Behaviour.

The school accepts no responsibility for replacing lost, stolen or damaged mobile phones. The safety and security of mobile phones is solely a matter for pupils/ parents/guardians.

The school accepts no responsibility for pupils who lose or have their mobile phones stolen while travelling to and from school.

Pupils using mobile phones to bully other pupils or send offensive messages/calls will face disciplinary actions as per the School Code of Behaviour/Anti Bullying Policy.

Pupils are not allowed to take a picture of any person/s in the school unless explicit permission has been granted by a member of staff.

It should be noted that it is a criminal offence to use a mobile phone to menace, harass or offend another person. As such, if action as sanctioned by the school in this regard is deemed ineffective, as with all such incidents, the school may consider it appropriate to involve the Gardaí.


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